Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush net worth: How much money does he have?

Cooper Rush is a 27-year-old American defender. He is best known for playing in the Dallas Cowboys National Soccer League. Cooper has been picked by the Dallas Cowboys as a free unregistered agent in 2017. He got his first start as a Cowboys start against the Minnesota Vikings on October 31, 2021. As of 2021, the total value of Cooper Rush is estimated at around $ 2. millions.

Full Name Cooper Rush
Birth Date November 21, 1993
Birth Place Charlotte, Michigan, U. S.
Profession Football Quarterback
Wife Lauryn Rush
Net Worth $2 million

Early life

Cooper Rush was born on November 21st, 1993 in Charlotte, Michigan, United States. He was born to his parents, Matthew and Frances Rush. To study, he joined Lansing Catholic High School. He was a three-year quarterback in his high school football team. He shone as a quarterback throughout his high school days, where he led his team to successive victories in the regular seasons of 2010 and 2011.

Cooper Rush Net Worth & Career

Cooper was also a key player who led his high school team to win the 2011 state runner-up title. He has shown good performance in Division 5 regional champions games. Rush even set records for the Michigan region with five ground touchdowns. Despite showing impressive performances throughout the tournament, he failed to win a trophy in his high school team.

Rush went on to show off his brilliant game after becoming a four-year starter at Central Michigan University. He joined Central Michigan University after only receiving a football scholarship. As he entered his second year, along with the University football team, he entered the 2014 Bahamas Bowl. At the end of last season’s college football game, he set a record for all seven bowling games.

In 2015, he had his best season as a teenager. In the first 13 games, he scored 3,703 points which was the new record for one school season. Rush also completed 66.3% of his 3848 yards pass, 25 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. As he enters the big year, he has a low graduation rate of 59.8%. His production also dropped to over 3540 yards and 23 touchdowns. By the end of his college career, he had 12,894 yards and 90 touchdowns.

Cooper was signed as a free agent dated May 12 by the Dallas Cowboys. Initially, as a rookie, he competed as a third-tier quarterback in the training camp with Zac Dysert. In 2018, he continued to be a backup quarterback, and in 2019, he was not challenged for a backup quarterback role. In March 2020, he was signed as a free agent for a year with the Cowboys.

However, he was sacked by the Cowboys on May 4, after signing Andy Dalton. In September 2020, Rush was signed to the New York Giants training camp. However, he was soon released from the Giants training club on September 29, 2020. In October 2020, he returned to the Dallas Cowboys and was signed to their training team.

On January 4, 2021, Rush signed a future contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Cooper recently played as a Cowboys starter against the Minnesota Vikings, where he helped the team win by 20-16 points with 2 touchdowns.

Personal Life

Cooper Rush is married to a woman named Lauryn Rush. Not many details are available about her wedding. Cooper shares a daughter with his better half, Lauryn.

Cooper Rush Net Worth

As of 2021, Cooper Rush’s fortune is estimated at $ 2 million. He has earned $ 2,944,529 in his professional football career so far.

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